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How to set the right price for your race

Figuring out what the right registration price to charge for your race is not easy. In fact, when it comes to setting your race’s registration price, most race promoters like yourself, start freaking out. Freaking out? Yup. Think about it. Too low and you don’t make any money. Too high and no one shows up....

/ October 11, 2016

Better than you found it tactics for race day trash

Trash sucks. When it’s trash left by those who attended your race, it sucks even more. Don’t people care about the outdoors enough to throw their trash away? Unfortunately, No. Some people just don’t care. And no matter what you do, every event you promote will have trash. You will find it in your trash...

/ June 30, 2016
mountain bikes in the transition zone

The 5 steps to getting your event under control

Have you ever took on too much or found it difficult to get your race off the ground due to costs? Do you use a guide or a process to make something work for you and your racers? Or do you just wing it? In the beginning, I was in the “wing it” crowd. I...

/ May 9, 2016

Principles of a profitable race

Does this sound familiar? You’ve decided to put on a mountain bike race. You’ve named your event, figured out the course, and have a permit for a park that lots of mountain bike riders enjoy riding at. You went down to the big box store and filled your garage with tables, chairs, coolers, cones, pop-tents,...

/ April 18, 2016