Build a Race That Makes Money!

Do you want to build a rock-solid event that you can be proud of?
Do you want racers to keep coming back to you year-after-year?

Have you slogged through repetitive checklists, vague advice, and non-specific webinars only to discover how little information they actual provide?
Or maybe you’ve even attempted to get certified as an official race director, only to find that they never really prepare you for a race of your own.

If you’re tired of trying to break into the “secret guild of race directors”, and want to build the kind of races that #1 — people want to come to, and #2 — actually makes money, then you’re not alone.

Race Directors are all around you, but race direction by itself is neither rare, nor especially difficult. Even though you’ll rarely find established race directors sharing their management techniques for healthy profits and sustainability, you don’t have to wage war or reinvent the wheel to build a successful race direction business of your own. And you definitely don’t have to go broke doing it.

The secret to making money from directing races is that there is no secret! I’ve demystified the techniques and processes that make race direction look so complex. The result is Reckoneering — a new way for you to learn race direction so that you can get busy building better races that people want to come to and actually make money. Let’s build your first profitable race together!


Build Better Races
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